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Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry

We Care About Antigo Smiles

Everyone’s teeth can get damaged with time. It’s even common as an adult to be missing a tooth or two. But if you recognize your functionality isn’t what it used to be – your chewing strength is eroding or your teeth are wearing out – it might be time to talk to your dentist about restorative dentistry options. With the advances of modern dentistry, no mouth is beyond repair. And with the collective experience of Progressive Dental’s staff and dentists, we can restore your smile quickly and carefully.

Periodontal Treatment

Our mouths are full of bacteria. This bacteria can build up and form plaque, which hardens into tartar. Plaque and tartar inflame the gums causing redness, soreness and bleeding. This is a mild form of gingivitis and can be treated easily with regular appointments at your doctor’s office.

More serious gum diseases – periodontitis and advanced periodontitis – occur when tartar grows in pockets below the gum line. The gums and supportive tissues begin to pull away from the teeth, making teeth loose and opening them to infection and decay. Periodontitis can be be treated through scaling and root planing. These procedures clean the gums and teeth of tartar and discourage future bacteria growth. But periodontitis that is too advance will likely not be reservable.

Unfortunately, periodontal diseases are all too common in American adults – an estimated 80% of them have some form of periodontal disease. But the team at Progressive Dental are dedicated to saving your teeth and gums. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll help you find a solution!

Dental Crowns

Cavities are common dental problems that can easily be treated with fillings. In cases of severe decay where large fillings are required, dental crowns may be used to cap the teeth. Your doctor will take impressions and send them to a lab where they will create a crown that perfectly matches the size, shape and color of your natural teeth. The crown is then placed with a strong dental adhesive to seal the entire tooth, including the newly filled cavity. Well-placed crowns will look and feel like your natural teeth. And with regular brushing, flossing and dental check-ups, they should last you up to 15 years.

Root Canals

An infected or decaying tooth can be especially painful due to their proximity to the nerve endings in the pulp of a tooth. We know that pain and how to treat it. During root canal therapy, your tooth will have the infected pulp cleared, and be ready for a filling, and possibly a dental crown. This will prevent fractures and return the tooth to its full functionality.

Inflamed and infected pulp should be dealt with immediately. Don’t wait for the pain to go away, as the damage to the tooth will only grow. Left untreated, an infected tooth will cause swelling and potentially, bone loss. Here at Progressive Dental, we can treat the tooth and prevent further damage. Call our office today!

Dental Implants

It’s not a good idea to allow your mouth to adjust to missing teeth. Remaining teeth can shift, causing your jaw can lose its natural resting position and possibly begin to deteriorate. Luckily, dental implants solve this problem with the insertion of small titanium posts into the jaw. The post replicates the root of the tooth, supporting the abutment and crown. Once placed, dental implants can be treated just like your natural teeth and are a permanent solution for individual tooth loss. At Progressive Dental, we take great care to provide implants so similar to your natural smile, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


Great strides have been made in recent denture design, they’re no longer the inelegant and blocky false teeth of the past. Modern dentures can do almost everything natural teeth can, and are customized to fit your mouth with consideration to tooth size and shape. Depending on your case and needs, our staff at Progressive Dental can suggest partial or full dentures. Best of all, your dentures will be discreet while improving your quality of life.