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Same Day Appointments At Progressive Dental!

Progressive Dental is a family dental practice run by Dr. Reimer and Dr. Romero. Our experienced dentists are always here to help you and your family get the treatment you need. We offer same day appointments to all of our patients, and walk-ins are available if you need an emergency dentist in Antigo.

Whether you have an extra hour in your day and are interested in a last-minute appointment, or you need emergency dentistry services to treat a damaged tooth, Dr. Reimer and Dr. Romero are the best dentists in Antigo for you!

Convenient, Affordable Preventive Dentistry In Antigo

We know that it can be difficult to see a preventive dentist as often as you should. If it takes 2-3 weeks just to schedule an appointment, you might skip dental cleanings or miss your regular 6-month exam.

That’s why, at Progressive Dental in Antigo, we always have appointments set aside for same-day visitors. With after-hours appointments and same-day scheduling, you can always get the treatment that you need, without the wait or the run-around.

Call today, and be treated today. It’s just that simple! Give us a ring at (715) 623-7221, and schedule your same-day appointment now.

Emergency Dentistry In Antigo – Progressive Dental

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it’s absolutely critical to get treatment as soon as possible. To save a missing or damaged tooth, treatment must usually be administered within 12 hours of the injury.

Dr. Romero of Progressive Dental is an experienced emergency dentist. At our practice, we treat all major dental emergencies, such as:

  • Missing or damaged dental work (crowns, fillings)
  • Loose teeth
  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Knocked out (avulsed) teeth
  • Impacted teeth (teeth driven back into the socket)
  • Toothaches and tooth infections
  • Gum/lip/soft tissue damage and bleeding

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait. Get the treatment you need to relieve your pain and discomfort. Give us a call now, and Dr. Romero or Dr. Reimer will see you as soon as possible.

The Benefits Of Same-Day Dentistry

Same-day appointments have a number of benefits. By getting immediate care for a condition such as tooth decay or gingivitis, you can prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. This saves you both time and money.

Same-day dentistry is also much more convenient for you. If you have an extra hour or two in your busy day, give us a call and we’ll squeeze you in for an appointment as soon as we can!  

Get Same-Day Appointments With An Antigo Preventive Dentist Today!

Don’t wait around for an appointment with some other dentist in Antigo. Progressive Dental offers same-day and walk-in appointments. Our dentists will take great care of you, whether you just need an oral exam or require emergency treatment. Contact us at (715) 623-7221 to get started, or feel free to come directly to our office at 2010 Progress Blvd, Antigo, WI, 54409.

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